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New Blog February 24, 2010

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Hello everybody!

I hope everyone gets this. Not that many people actually read this blog. But I am moving to another page and changing things up a bit.

You can now find me

I hope you follow me there because I’m excited about doing some different things.




Savouring this step February 10, 2010

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One step at a time. We are making our way towards where we want to be one step at a time.

Matt and I have so many hopes and dreams. Soon it looks like we will be getting one of those dreams: home ownership. There is so much to look forward to with having a home: mostly space.

As we take these steps forward I just hope that we are fully enjoying the step that we are on. I don’t think the people who say life speed up after college were lying any more. It does go fast. But it seems important to not only look forward to the next step, but enjoy every inch of the step we are on.


It’s OK to be different January 31, 2010

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OK. I have about 10 minutes before I completely pass out and head to bed, but I have been wanting to  comment on a movie for some time. So here it goes.

A few days ago I watched the Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime, actually I was flipping stations and landed on this show a few times. The movie slaps you in the face nearly every minute with the idea that teaching abstinence is doomed. Teenagers have sex, there is nothing we can do about it.

What a COP OUT! I know that some people truly believe that giving out birth control is better, but it is faulty thinking and someone somewhere started this lie to get off the hook.

It’s the same as parents telling their children they can drink, but only at home where they can be watched. ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! That sends the worst message imaginable, . . . . but I digress.

What is so wrong with stopping abstinence teaching and instead giving out condoms? First, it prevents the wrong thing. Teenagers having sex is the problem, pregnancy is one of many negative results. The nurse in the movie resigned because students were too young to be taking a pregnancy test . . . ummm, hello! aren’t they too young to have sex.

Second, it says sex is OK. Period. I don’t care what any one says, giving out birth control tells a teenager meaningless sex is A-OK. If my parents gave me birth control, but told me not to use it, I don’t think that would have the same effect as telling me how important it was to wait to have sex with my husband.

It is hard enough for teenagers to say no to sex with EVERY television show saying sex is just something every one does and it doesn’t really matter. That sex is just fun and can be meaningless. That those who aren’t having sex are abnormal and awkward.

It’s hard enough for teenagers to say no when their friends are doing it and talking about doing it. When songs have lyrics describing it and movies leave nothing to the imagination.

But why not, let’s take away the fear of pregnancy and STDs too. That sounds amazing. What an intelligent and well though out idea.

Teenagers. Sex is intimate, it is not something that you can do and forget.

Everyone knows how hard it is to wait when you think you’ve found the one. It’s understandable. If you’ve made a mistake, God forgives. You forgive yourself and you move on.

Be unique, be one of a kind. Be special, a woman after God’s own heart. Stay pure. I PROMISE it is worth the wait.


Ruth January 23, 2010

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I have been reading through the Bible with the focus of learning about godly women. A book about becoming a godly woman suggested studying the Bible in that way, reading through it each time focusing on a different subject. I LOVE it. I know the second time through I will see some completely new things. I’ve already learned so much more than I normally would reading through the Bible.

So far I’ve learned about Eve and Sarah, Rebecca and Leah. Each had their faults and their more positive attributes. But this week I learned about Ruth. There isn’t a lot negative going on with Ruth.

We all know the story: Naomi, her husband and children go to a strange land, the men die after marrying, Naomi wishes to return and Ruth insists on returning with her. Ruth meets Boaz while she is gleaning in his fields, she follows Naomi’s suggestions and eventually they married.

So what does this story tell us about Ruth’s character? We know she’s loyal, brave, hard-working, obedient, loving and kind. But what’s more I believe this story tells us about Ruth’s love of God. “Your God will be my God,” she told Naomi. I think Ruth knew of the God that her mother-in-law and husband worshiped, she likely worshiped Him for years too. She chose a hard life, but she also chose the most loving and awesome God.

What do I take from the story of Ruth? Following God is priority one, living for others is priority two. The story of Ruth doesn’t include a single thing that she did for HERSELF. Yet her reward was great: Heaven, God, a good husband, children, grandmother of David and other kings, grandmother of Jesus.


The Next Chapter December 31, 2009

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Every year at The Facts they do a paper dedicated to looking at the last year and another dedicated to looking at the next year. It’s funny because in so many ways The Facts’ 2009 is my 2009.  The stories about the new streets, sidewalks and other projects on my beat litter the year-long time line they created. The feature stories also frequent the page. Next year my beat can look forward to more construction as the area continues to improve itself. It’s a constant cycle. It’s nice to know that I had an influence over what 15,000 people read every day.

So what was 2009 like other than working at this paper? Well, hard. Between the worry that Matt’s company will be cutting jobs and the actual job cuts at the paper that led to an increased workload for me. Worry, I would say, has been our word for the year. But in the end God took care of us. Matt’s job is going great and I’m still trucking away.

I have learned so much from this job in 2009. Not just things like how to write an informative lead, but things like patience and faith. Though I have worried this year, my God has NEVER let me down. He has been by my side and for that I will be forever grateful.

The successes of this year have included mine and Matt’s morning Bible study. Each time that I open the Bible to read and bow my head to pray my faith grows. I have been told this would happen, but I never truly understood until this year. Each day I pray that my faith increases and I am more and more able to loosen my grip on my life and turn it over to God.

I’m looking forward to building on this success and learning more.

As for a New Year’s resolution, I have one: self-control. Controlling my actions, my words, my thoughts. So, though it was not planned, 2009 was about Faith. Tomorrow I turn the page to build on my faith self-control.


Debt Free! December 10, 2009

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Wow. I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve updated everyone on the status of the Lanham world. Though I would like to think differently, for the most part there is truely nothing to report about Matt and I. We wake up, we go to work, we come home, we go to sleep. Yes, I am that boring. But between the day to day grind of our lives we have managed to produce some sweet flour with which we hope to bake the bread of our future. (Weird analogy, but it works.)

So, what have we been up to in the past four months? What have we accomplished?

Number 1: Shout it to the roof tops: WE’RE DEBT FREE! While I realize that the excitement I feel may not compare to someone who has had to truly struggle with debt for many years, there is a sense of freedom that feels great.

We don’t have just ourselves to thank for this amazing success. We were truly blessed to have parents who helped us through college, we were both able to work our way through school (off and on) and received a few scholarships. But I am proud of the fact that when graduating from college and all of a sudden we were making money, we didn’t do anything too extravagant. (Like buy a new car since both of ours are over 10 years old and make very scary sounds.)

So, this may sound like bragging, but there it is, we gave up things we wanted for this so I MUST tell people about it. Which brings us to update number 2.

Number 2: We are looking for a home. It took Matt many hours of talking and showing me the figures to prove that we should do this and after worry and tears I finally agreed. We are looking for a small and very cheap home that will allow us to take advantage of the first time home buyers credit. Then after a few years we will sell it, making a profit that will allow us to buy a better house.

It’s exciting stuff, looking at homes to buy. But also SO scary. Getting out of our tiny apartment will be amazing and both of us can’t wait. We are bursting at the seems right now (mostly because of Matt’s pack rat nature . . . . OK, I refuse to get rid of things too.)

So yes, Matt and I are hoping to move forward with our lives very soon. I am still praying for another job that will allow me to spend time with Matt, but I have learned to accept what I have before me. I have faith that when this job is no longer profitable for me and God is done using it to teach me lessons, he will open something up for me.

I wish I could tell y’all all of the things going on at my job. Though the stress level is constant and I find myself with my chest tightening more than I would like to admit, it can be very fun. I can tell you about the cool things, like talking to Project Runway model winner Kalyn Hemphill or Ron Paul or knowing all of the police chiefs and mayors and knowing exactly what is going on. But the not so good things are more interesting, like the stories about public officials doing illegal things or . . . . but I shouldn’t. Suffice it to say not everyone likes me in this town, but it’s so great to do the work, uncover wrong doings and expose them. Even if it means some people will unabashedly say they hate me. (That’s one thing God is using this job for: making me more thick skinned!)

Whatever people may say, a local newspaper is SO important. So often public knowledge precedes governmental action. READ YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER!

OK, I am getting way off track, so goodnight for now and sorry for the lapse in writing.


A Life Worth Living July 21, 2009

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I hate to say it, but some time the world’s priorities creep up on me. Though I profess to put God first, Matt second, family third and career some where later, if you counted up the hours I spend every day my career would be the clear winner.

This isn’t completely bad. After all, the job that I do benefits God because I give Him an offering every week and Matt because the money I make goes towards savings for our future. But the truth is, my job has truly consumed my life.

I think about it, I worry about it and now I can’t get away from it. I think about what others would think if I moved to a different, less exciting job. What would people think if I take a job that I could get with no college degree??? Oh boy.

The truth is, what I really want more than anything in the world is time with God and time with Matt. I know that any job will have me working late from time to time or working weekends. But I want to cook my husband supper, I want to go for a walk with him without making sure I take my cell phone in case work calls. I want to go to a Friday night movie without putting my phone in a cup holder and glancing at it from time to time to make sure my boss hasn’t called. I want to teach a Wednesday night Bible class without leaving my phone out or worrying all day that I won’t get off of work in time.

Though I know I will see some raised eyes, and even more likely there will be some talk that I will never here. I need to have a job that is best for my family. . . . I hope that everyone can understand that. But even more, I hope that I can make myself OK with that.

So, I am off. For now I am still working as a reporter (In fact I am sitting in council chambers waiting between a public hearing and the meeting right now.) But maybe someday I will find a job that I can be proud of, I can work hard at and that allows me to put my priorities where they belong. Though the world may not understand, I know that I was made for Matt. I am his helper. I am his.

So here’s to getting my priorities in order.