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Fireproof Marriage October 20, 2008

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I recently watched a movie that is out in theaters right now called Fireproof. I encourage EVERYONE to see it. Whether you are married and have the “perfect” marriage, not married, or in a struggling marriage. It was amazing.

To all the Christians out there, if for no other reason, go to this movie to show your support of the creation of good, clean Christian movies. If only I could leave all movies feeling as clean and uplifted as I did after seeing this movie.

While it obviously had a lower budget than the movies we are used to, it was really good. I laughed, I cried and then I did a lot of thinking.

This is a movie that everyone should see.

The movie is about a married couple going so far down the wrong path that they were conidering divorce and the courage it takes to come back to the right path: God.

The prevailing message of the movie is that you can not love your spouse like you should, until you understand and accept the love of God. SO TRUE.

It also talks about the pain that is created by divorce that no one seems to remember. You can’t break two people apart without both of you getting hurt, it said.

Another really important this is how love is more than a feeling, it is a choice. Sure love starts out as this great rush of feelings, and those feelings resurface often throughout a marriage. But more than anything, when times get tough, love is a choice. You choose to love your spouse whether you think they deserve it or not. Agape, unconditional, Christ like love.



Right Now October 11, 2008

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Everything in our lives are going pretty smooth right now. We are just working, working, working. We are so excited because we have already paid of so much of our student loans. We can’t wait to be free and clear. My entire pay check and a good portion of Matt’s goes to loans every week and we are just chipping away.

Our first item on our wish list is a washing machine and dryer. The walk to the laundry facilities at our apartment complex isn’t bad. But it will be a wonderful day when I can wash the clothes as we go instead of doing it all one day a week.

We finally got our accent wall painted so our apartment doesn’t look like a beige fortress anymore. Our walls were beige, our carpet is beige and our couch is beige. I need some color in my life! The next thing on our making our home beautiful list is finally hanging up all of the pictures that have been leaning on the walls this whole time. Then we are going to attack the spare bedroom which has turned into a HUGE junk closet.

Who knew two people could have so much stuff, it is insane! Both of us are pack rats, but Matt is the worst, he throws NOTHING away. It’s really very funny. He has an entire box of electrical cords and wires and onother box full of electrical parts, just in case. LOL

We are really, really blessed.

I’m at work today, Saturday, waiting on an edit. But it’s actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. At least I only have to work Saturdays once a month!

Matt is still enjoying his job, and he seems to be doing really well at it. He is SO smart. I can’t understand half of what he is talking about when he tells me about his day. People as me what he does and I say, “He’s an engineer for a pipeline compression company,” then they ask what exactly he does and  I say, “He engineers compressors for pipelines.” HA!

Matt has been so understanding with all of the over time I have to work. He even makes super most of the time. Though I think some of that is because he doesn’t have a ton of confidence in my cooking abilities.

Well, that’s all for now.


Autumn is here! October 5, 2008

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I really love this time of year, there is always something to look forward to.

First, you have October: Halloween and Fall Festivals! Everyone decorates in different stages of orange, there are outside festivals to attend (and you actually want to be outside), then at the end of the month little kids knock on your door and ask you for candy. What fun!

Then, November: Thanksgiving and even cooler weather. Families get together and eat food that only grandmothers can make JUST right . . . yum! Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and every kind of pie you can think of: pumpkin, chocolate, pecan, buttermilk. Great stuff! Everyone sits around and eats all day while we talk and talk and talk. I’m looking forward to it, but it will be really weird only getting Thanksgiving day off and not Wednesday or Friday!

Finally, December the crowning holiday of the holiday season. New decorations come out in green and red, the weather gets even cooler, people put up Christmas lights and you start shopping for those you love. I love Christmas day and spending a relaxing day with my family.

Yup, here comes the holiday season!

Matt and I are doing great! We are slowly, but surely getting out apartment decorated. The wall are starting to have pictures on them (thanks BigLots!). Matt is really getting the hang of his job. He is so smart, it really amazes the type of things he does every day. Let’s just say it is WAY over my head. I, however, am having a harder time getting used to my job. I usually work about 12 stress filled hours a day, but I am working on not letting this job stress me out so much. It’s cool knowing everyone in this area and knowing news before anyone else does. Writing the stories really isn’t that bad either. The stressful part is trying to get everything right and ask all of the right questions. Of course, being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, doesn’t help my stress level much either. I do like my coworkers which makes things a lot easier. We’ll see how things turn out, lord willing something else will come up. But the important thing for me to remember is that during this current economy I am really blessed to have a job.

We are having a great time getting to be together whenever we want. Married life is really great. We are truly blessed to have each other. We placed membership at the Old Angleton Road church of Christ this morning and everyone welcomed us with open arms. Matt is going to go watch football with all of the guys Monday night and then he has a men’s bible study Tuesday night. He’s really excited.

Love you all of my friends and family!