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Matt Loses Wisdom Teeth April 27, 2009

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Poor Matt! Matt had all four of his wisdom teeth removed today after over a month of pain from one of them. Poor guy, he looked like a chipmunk as we walked him to the car.

He’s been sleeping and was still numb when he went to bed. But I’m pretty sure he’s going to be in a ton of pain when he wakes up. My mom said her mouth hurt for month after she had her wisdom teeth taken out. Shhhh, don’t tell Matt.

I’ll let everyone know how he is.


This and That April 15, 2009

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First, I LOVE my new washer and dryer. Being able to wash clothes in my own home is so great.

Second, I interviewed Ron Paul. Cool huh!?! I am happy to report he was a very nice man. (If you don’t know who Ron Paul is, shame on you!)

My job is going pretty well. It’s getting easier all of the time, though now that I say that something really hard will come along. I’m finally able to take some deep breaths and enjoy myself. Matt is still working hard at his job. The design part seems to be pretty easy for him, the taking charge of people thing is a little bit harder.

Matt is teaching the high school class at church and is teaching the devotional tonight. We’re really getting involved in the congregation, which is great! Though I don’t think I will every find a group as tight as BCS was.


Washer and Dryer!!! April 5, 2009

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We finally bought a washer and dryer! We’ve been putting it off because we’re trying to save money and pay off student loans. But yesterday Matt was washing clothes and had several mishaps. Long story short, he’s tired of carrying clothes to the apartment’s laundry room.

We baught a washer and dryer last night. I’m so excited to be able to wash clothes in my own home. It’s the simple things that make life great. 🙂


TV April 3, 2009

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I am writing an article about television right now that I have found VERY interesting. I came up with the idea because I am admittedly addicted to certain tv shows, turn on the tv as soon as I get home and even eat in front of the tv most nights. (Not hard to do considering our living room, dining room and kitchen are all one room.)

I am embarrassed to admit all of these things about myself, especially when there are so many other things I can be doing. But I comfort myself with the fact that I am relatively selective about what I watch. Sexual and violent shows just don’t attract me. But no matter what show I watch, there is guaranteed to be something inappropriate in it . . . .sigh.

As I talked to psychologists about the effects of television on the family unit and its members,  I realized that television can, at least in part, be blamed for they way society is to day. If nothing else, it contributes.

Here are some of the things psychologists contribute to the over consumption of television by the American family.

  1. Obesity – Eating in front of tv, not exercising.
  2. Divorce – The women men see on tv are so unbelievably beautiful and so seemingly available, they believe they can do better and because of tv, they think better equals prettier. (Side Note: I think that this begins young before a man is even married. Some of the goofiest looking guys I know are only concerned about finding a pretty girl to marry. Nothing else matters to them.)
  3. No Communication – You may be in the same room together, but if you’re only talking during commercials you are not getting to know each other. This not only hurts a marriage. But parents are amazing when their children do something criminal. It turns out they just didn’t know their own children.
  4. Obsession with beauty – Women think that being airbrushed beautiful and size three small is the norm. Self esteem plummets.

I then posed the question: Then why do people watch tv. Here’s the interesting thing, it’s not just for the entertainment value.

People are literally hypnotized by television. One psychologist talked about how she councils people dealing with pain not to watch tv to deal with it, because it actually hinders the healing process! WOW! People may not be dealing with physical pain, but you better believe television helps you forget about your stressful day, even just for a little bit.

It’s like a tranquilizer. As a result, people don’t deal with their problems, they just forget about them for a couple of hours every day.

So here’s my lesson of the day: TURN OFF THE TV