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A Life Worth Living July 21, 2009

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I hate to say it, but some time the world’s priorities creep up on me. Though I profess to put God first, Matt second, family third and career some where later, if you counted up the hours I spend every day my career would be the clear winner.

This isn’t completely bad. After all, the job that I do benefits God because I give Him an offering every week and Matt because the money I make goes towards savings for our future. But the truth is, my job has truly consumed my life.

I think about it, I worry about it and now I can’t get away from it. I think about what others would think if I moved to a different, less exciting job. What would people think if I take a job that I could get with no college degree??? Oh boy.

The truth is, what I really want more than anything in the world is time with God and time with Matt. I know that any job will have me working late from time to time or working weekends. But I want to cook my husband supper, I want to go for a walk with him without making sure I take my cell phone in case work calls. I want to go to a Friday night movie without putting my phone in a cup holder and glancing at it from time to time to make sure my boss hasn’t called. I want to teach a Wednesday night Bible class without leaving my phone out or worrying all day that I won’t get off of work in time.

Though I know I will see some raised eyes, and even more likely there will be some talk that I will never here. I need to have a job that is best for my family. . . . I hope that everyone can understand that. But even more, I hope that I can make myself OK with that.

So, I am off. For now I am still working as a reporter (In fact I am sitting in council chambers waiting between a public hearing and the meeting right now.) But maybe someday I will find a job that I can be proud of, I can work hard at and that allows me to put my priorities where they belong. Though the world may not understand, I know that I was made for Matt. I am his helper. I am his.

So here’s to getting my priorities in order.


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