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The Next Chapter December 31, 2009

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Every year at The Facts they do a paper dedicated to looking at the last year and another dedicated to looking at the next year. It’s funny because in so many ways The Facts’ 2009 is my 2009.  The stories about the new streets, sidewalks and other projects on my beat litter the year-long time line they created. The feature stories also frequent the page. Next year my beat can look forward to more construction as the area continues to improve itself. It’s a constant cycle. It’s nice to know that I had an influence over what 15,000 people read every day.

So what was 2009 like other than working at this paper? Well, hard. Between the worry that Matt’s company will be cutting jobs and the actual job cuts at the paper that led to an increased workload for me. Worry, I would say, has been our word for the year. But in the end God took care of us. Matt’s job is going great and I’m still trucking away.

I have learned so much from this job in 2009. Not just things like how to write an informative lead, but things like patience and faith. Though I have worried this year, my God has NEVER let me down. He has been by my side and for that I will be forever grateful.

The successes of this year have included mine and Matt’s morning Bible study. Each time that I open the Bible to read and bow my head to pray my faith grows. I have been told this would happen, but I never truly understood until this year. Each day I pray that my faith increases and I am more and more able to loosen my grip on my life and turn it over to God.

I’m looking forward to building on this success and learning more.

As for a New Year’s resolution, I have one: self-control. Controlling my actions, my words, my thoughts. So, though it was not planned, 2009 was about Faith. Tomorrow I turn the page to build on my faith self-control.


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