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It’s OK to be different January 31, 2010

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OK. I have about 10 minutes before I completely pass out and head to bed, but I have been wanting to  comment on a movie for some time. So here it goes.

A few days ago I watched the Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime, actually I was flipping stations and landed on this show a few times. The movie slaps you in the face nearly every minute with the idea that teaching abstinence is doomed. Teenagers have sex, there is nothing we can do about it.

What a COP OUT! I know that some people truly believe that giving out birth control is better, but it is faulty thinking and someone somewhere started this lie to get off the hook.

It’s the same as parents telling their children they can drink, but only at home where they can be watched. ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! That sends the worst message imaginable, . . . . but I digress.

What is so wrong with stopping abstinence teaching and instead giving out condoms? First, it prevents the wrong thing. Teenagers having sex is the problem, pregnancy is one of many negative results. The nurse in the movie resigned because students were too young to be taking a pregnancy test . . . ummm, hello! aren’t they too young to have sex.

Second, it says sex is OK. Period. I don’t care what any one says, giving out birth control tells a teenager meaningless sex is A-OK. If my parents gave me birth control, but told me not to use it, I don’t think that would have the same effect as telling me how important it was to wait to have sex with my husband.

It is hard enough for teenagers to say no to sex with EVERY television show saying sex is just something every one does and it doesn’t really matter. That sex is just fun and can be meaningless. That those who aren’t having sex are abnormal and awkward.

It’s hard enough for teenagers to say no when their friends are doing it and talking about doing it. When songs have lyrics describing it and movies leave nothing to the imagination.

But why not, let’s take away the fear of pregnancy and STDs too. That sounds amazing. What an intelligent and well though out idea.

Teenagers. Sex is intimate, it is not something that you can do and forget.

Everyone knows how hard it is to wait when you think you’ve found the one. It’s understandable. If you’ve made a mistake, God forgives. You forgive yourself and you move on.

Be unique, be one of a kind. Be special, a woman after God’s own heart. Stay pure. I PROMISE it is worth the wait.


Ruth January 23, 2010

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I have been reading through the Bible with the focus of learning about godly women. A book about becoming a godly woman suggested studying the Bible in that way, reading through it each time focusing on a different subject. I LOVE it. I know the second time through I will see some completely new things. I’ve already learned so much more than I normally would reading through the Bible.

So far I’ve learned about Eve and Sarah, Rebecca and Leah. Each had their faults and their more positive attributes. But this week I learned about Ruth. There isn’t a lot negative going on with Ruth.

We all know the story: Naomi, her husband and children go to a strange land, the men die after marrying, Naomi wishes to return and Ruth insists on returning with her. Ruth meets Boaz while she is gleaning in his fields, she follows Naomi’s suggestions and eventually they married.

So what does this story tell us about Ruth’s character? We know she’s loyal, brave, hard-working, obedient, loving and kind. But what’s more I believe this story tells us about Ruth’s love of God. “Your God will be my God,” she told Naomi. I think Ruth knew of the God that her mother-in-law and husband worshiped, she likely worshiped Him for years too. She chose a hard life, but she also chose the most loving and awesome God.

What do I take from the story of Ruth? Following God is priority one, living for others is priority two. The story of Ruth doesn’t include a single thing that she did for HERSELF. Yet her reward was great: Heaven, God, a good husband, children, grandmother of David and other kings, grandmother of Jesus.